Blue Sports Band

$ 14.95

***New and improved! In response to customer feedback, we have modified the original band to include tapered Velcro to minimize peeling during use and a new grip strip to help keep the Quell device securely in the pocket.

The Quell sports band is designed to be comfortable and adjustable. It is manufactured using a breathable foam material that is machine washable and can be air dried. Having an extra sports band is ideal for times where you are washing another. When washing your sports band, please always remember to remove your Quell device from the band. The device is not waterproof.

The comfortable sports band is designed to fit most legs and is adjustable. It will fit any leg from 12 inches (30.5cm) to 24 inches (61cm) in circumference.

This Quell sports band has Blue highlights and is now available at a lower price.

This extra sports band does not include a Quell device in the order.